Tracking COVID Between Construction Sites Brings Unique Challenges

Tracking COVID Between Construction Sites Brings Unique Challenges

Tracking COVID Between Construction Sites Brings Unique Challenges

Posted on April 22, 2020

Tracking COVID Between Construction Sites Brings Unique Challenges

There are million and one things that are complicated about the COVID-19 pandemic. As construction, lending, or real estate professionals, our clients can easily become overwhelmed with all the information to keep track of. That is one advantage of our programs – we can make it easy for you to communicate quickly within your company.

One of the ways in which communication is essential is its ability to help track COVID between sites. Keep reading to find out why this is a problem and what you may be able to do about it.

Many Construction Workers Are in Close Quarters and Not Wearing Masks While Working

Some believe that construction sites are going to have unusually high numbers of COVID-19 before this over for two main reasons: Workers are often working closely with one another and they are not always wearing masks. Masks are hot, can be hard to breathe too, and may not stay on well. These factors can make construction work much harder and more frustrating. While workers should be wearing masks, it seems unlikely that 100% will comply.

Public Health Officials Point to Reasons for Difficulties Tracking COVID Cases at Construction Sites

A spokesperson for the Austin Public Health Department said they could not trace clusters (which they consider three or more cases) to specific sites because workers so often travel from one site to another. It is often the case that workers are contractors and could be working at numerous sites throughout the area. For this reason, one of the suggestions health officials are making is to have closed construction sites that have a dedicated crew.

Some Officials Want Stricter Enforcement of Current Social Distancing Orders

Some say that the answer is more complicated than simply educating those working on construction sites – more enforcement is needed. They want officials to come down harder on construction sites on which social distancing orders are being violated. For example, they want stronger warnings and then financial penalties if the orders are not followed.

There Are Virtual Ways to Solve Many Problems

When people cannot get together in the same room to make decisions, it is easy for confusion to result. One person may give rules and regulations to five job site managers, ordering them to share the information with the people working for them. Those managers may then put one person in charge of various sections of the jobsite. The more people are involved, the more likely it is that the same information is not being given to everyone.

The good news is that there are software solutions and virtual options that can help everyone communicate at the same time. Get real-time updates and much more from the fund control options available at Fund Control.